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Compliance Management Process

Gst Registration

Configure tasks

Configure COMPAS with tasks pertaining to any GST compliance. COMPAS will remember the frequency and output of each of these tasks. Users can upload these outputs to COMPAS.

Gstr 3b Filing


COMPAS has configurable schedulers. These schedules can trigger alerts at a set time prior to compliance due dates to remind stakeholders of approaching compliance tasks.

Gst Registration

Send Reminders

COMPAS remembers approaching tasks and sends reminders to all stakeholders at preconfigured intervals. Triggers stop once the tasks are completed and approved by auditors.

Gstr 3b Filing

Task Output

Once tasks are completed, the output can be uploaded into COMPAS. COMPAS has provision to take a comment, form or documents as output. These will go to the document store.


Companies Act

Labour Laws


Provident Fund

Income Tax

Professional Tax


Environmental laws

• A comprehensive review of an
organization’s adherence to regulatory

• A compliance audit will vary depending upon
whether an organization is a public
or private company, its line of activity, the volume of business, etc.,

• We offer a comprehensive solution to ensure
your reputation will not be damaged because
of non-compliance.